Specialized Platforms

Equinoxe VideoCare

What is Equinoxe VideoCare?

  • Equinoxe’s VideoCare system helps the patient stay connected with family and professional caregivers via secure, live video and specialized applications

A simple and intuitive user interface connected to caregivers and family

  • Video calling, photo, video and music sharing, alleviating feelings of isolation and loneliness
  • No computer skills are necessary – operates on an intuitively designed touch screen
  • Supported by a care management program seen only by family and professional caregivers

Automated reminders and integration with Bluetooth enabled medical devices

  • Permits integration with Bluetooth enabled medical devices, monitoring changes in physical or emotional conditions
  • Offers the option of automated reminders for medication and activities of daily living
  • Care managers can organise and coordinate personalised care including scheduling of appointments

VGo Telepresence

VGO Telepresence Image
What is telepresence?

  • Ability for a healthcare professional, family member or friend to monitor a patient’s condition from a remote location
  • Remote user can see, hear, talk, interact and move around as if they were with the patient


  • Reduces the need for the patient or the practitioner to travel by facilitating remote consultations
  • Saves time and improves productivity of the care plan
  • Reduces the risk of infections
  • Increases patient satisfaction by providing ease of access to medical attention

Key features

  • Two way audio & video plus drivability using a PC, Mac or iPad
  • 100% WiFi enabled remote controlling and self-charging

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