Introducing LifeCare Plus: A Conversation with Equinoxe LifeCare’s CEO, Jeremy Altman

In a recent conversation, Equinoxe LifeCare’s CEO Jeremy Altman, shared insights into the pressing challenges posed by Canada’s aging population and the innovative solution our company is offering. With a focus on merging technology with personalized caregiving, Altman introduced LifeCare Plus as a groundbreaking 24/7 safety net for seniors. In this condensed conversation, I spoke with Altman, and he shed light on the vision, benefits, and real-world impact of LifeCare Plus, emphasizing its role in revolutionizing the homecare landscape.

AE: Can you explain what LifeCare Plus is about, including your vision and objective for this new solution?

JA: Our senior population is rapidly aging, and the 85-and-older demographic is projected to triple by 2050 according to Statistics Canada. The labor shortage exacerbates the situation, emphasizing the necessity of technology to meet caregiving expectations.

My vision for LifeCare Plus is to use technology to make lives easier. This is not technology for technology’s sake; it needs to bring relevance. And it’s great when we can make technology invisible. LifeCare Plus is a 24/7 safety net for seniors, whether they live alone or as a couple, or whether they are autonomous, semi-autonomous or have more complex care requirements.

This is a package of solutions that are making life safer for seniors. The devices are simply plugged in the wall, and they are triggered by key words and sounds so our 24/7 team can detect or prevent issues ranging from a fall, call for help, or a risk of a medication error or infections.

AE: Can you elaborate on the experience considerations for LifeCare Plus? What makes it the best option for seniors?

JA: Let me take a step back and use some of my background in banking and online payments. 25 years ago, people would go to the branch, write cheques, and request operations at the front desk; it was not seamless, but it worked. Today, you can make an e-transfer or an online payment in a few seconds, regardless of where you are located. You don’t need to go to the bank as often, yet you know that your money is safe and accessible 24/7. When I look at Home Healthcare, it appears to me that we are experiencing the same revolution and a huge transformation is on its way”.

I would like this same modern and intuitive experience to come to home care. Technology should sit in the background to keep our seniors safe. With LifeCare Plus, seniors don’t have to interact with it to indicate that they are OK; there is nothing to wear, there are no buttons to press, and no cameras. It is a way to provide peace of mind to the family without being too cumbersome.

AE: How do you envision technology playing a key role in caregiving?

JA: Because Equinoxe LifeCare has been a service company since 1998, we know first-hand that nothing will ever replace the human touch, nothing. I believe in a world where we can get the best of in person care at the right time, and technology made frictionless in the background. Instead of having 10 hours of in person care a day, I might only need 4 hours a day while the technology in the background can fill in the rest of the time. It is making both work together. Technology can provide an objective viewpoint on when to introduce more or less care, request additional services such as physio or lab tests. This is preventative care at its best.

AE: Can you share any success stories? Are there any cases we can walk through?

JA: Since we rolled out LifeCare Plus, we noticed lots of unique and interesting experiences with the families we work with. One, an older woman would call for help very early each morning, and it was obvious that she desperately needs help to go to the bathroom. She was scared and confused, and nobody was there because her caregiver was only scheduled for an hour later. LifeCare Plus made it apparent that the care plan needed to be adjusted, scheduling her caregiver one hour earlier. Since we made that change, the care relationship improved significantly without impacting the family’s budget.

This is not the only example, there are so many more. We have noticed that many clients were having issues with their daily activities. With our regular care reports, we can provide recommendations to the families and care team. Technology’s recommendations have helped to make care more accurate.

AE: How do you see LifeCare Plus fitting into Equinoxe’s offers in the short and long terms?

JA: Equinoxe LifeCare has always had an energy of change and tradition of innovation. 15 years ago, we built our own software to make care management easier. We also launched EQ Care, a virtual care app that was then divested to TELUS Health in December 2020. My partner Dany Pollack is a visionnaire in home care and has worked for many years to bring home care to the next level.”

When I joined Equinoxe in March 2022, part of my mandate was to pursue new innovative ideas and projects. LifeCare Plus was built as the best way to complement in person care and to democratize homecare.

The goal is simple. Get the in person care you need, whether from the public system, friends and families, or private companies. But when you don’t have somebody nearby, know that technology can be a great complement to your current plan.

We are fundamentally a service company, but we are evolving towards just-in-time care. With technology, we have built a safety net for seniors, and we are going to continue to build the infrastructure to deliver home care recommendations and preventative care. Whatever you need at home, we will provide it for you.

AE: What do you wish more people knew about LifeCare Plus?

JA: I would like people to know that they are not alone in their home care journey. I know it is sometimes overwhelming. Some adult children are torn between their own younger kids , personal life, and caring for their loved ones; it is an impossible mission and a complex experience to navigate. Everyone should know that they can seek assistance and there are multiple ways to address that.

LifeCare Plus is here to support families in their home care journey in a way that is innovative, flexible, non-intrusive, and without commitments. It is seamless, there is no hardware to install. Technology is here to support and complement what you have right now.

AE: What are you the proudest about with this launch?

JA: This is not an easy question. I am very proud that we are the first in Canada to introduce this technology to seniors. I am grateful to see the response that we received from our private clients. The results over the past six months are outstanding; we are effectively raising the bar in home care.

I am also proud that we were able to equip families that do not have home care with us. We are investing in this area, so that people who don’t have in-person home care needs can start thinking about using technology to keep them safe. It makes me really hopeful that we can democratize access to care with the goal of staying at home, where people want to live. We are making this happen combining the best of in person care with the latest technology.


As Equinoxe LifeCare strides into the future of home care, LifeCare Plus is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation. Altman’s vision of seamlessly integrating technology into caregiving addresses the growing needs of an aging population, creating a safety net that predicts and prevents potential issues. The success stories emerging from the implementation of LifeCare Plus underscore its transformative impact on the lives of seniors and their families. With a blend of in-person care and cutting-edge technology, Equinoxe LifeCare sets a new standard, aiming to democratize access to home care and empower individuals to age comfortably in their own homes.